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Term of Reference

ToR Type: Short Term Consultant

Location: Vientiane Capital

Title: Translation of the Healthy Mother Apps from English into Lao Language 


CARE is an international humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty, with a vision to which focuses on empowering women and girls to fight poverty and bring lasting change to their communities. We work in over 80 countries around the world. We work with partners to achieve lasting results for marginalized communities.

The garment industry in Lao PDR has been steadily growing over the past 20 years and has become the largest manufacturing employer in Laos employing close to 30,000 factory workers. The vast majority of garment factory workers in Vientiane are young women (17-25 years old) and only 12% of them have completed secondary education. The majority (89.5%) of garment factory workers come to Vientiane from poor rural communities in search of better income. However, CARE International’s Protection and Choices for Marginalized Women (PACMUW) baseline study found that more than 70% of surveyed garment factory workers earned less than government standard minimum wage of LAK 626,000 ($78) per month, excluding overtime and other payments. Factory workers are often required to work long shifts, six days a week in hot and crowded conditions. Living conditions are also poor, with 85% of garment factory workers living in crowded onsite dormitories, which lack of clean water and sanitation facilities.

Moreover, approximately 50% of female factory workers surveyed indicated they did not have access to health services in the factory and 30% reported lack of time off to address health concerns. Only few local health facilities offer services during the weekends or at times accessible to garment factory workers. Furthermore, lack of youth friendly services in Laos prevents young women from seeking SRH services, particularly in the cases of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or those facing physical or sexual abuse. While Government of Lao PDR (GoL) health system treats maternal and child healthcare in rural areas as a priority, lesser focus is placed on health of urban marginalised groups, resulting in a gap in SRH services for garment factory workers, which this project aims to address.

In 2014, as part of its Marginalized Urban Women (MUW) Program, CARE International in partnership with GSK piloted an initiative to improve health and wellbeing of migrant young women and girls working in the garment industry in Laos. The project directly reached over 3,000 garment workers through health education and health services via mobile clinics and Vientiane Youth Centre (VYC) clinic. Building on the achievements and lessons learned from the previous phase, the 2015-2018 project seeks to extend vital SRH services and education to another 4,200 female garment workers in 10 factories of Vientiane, further improve project approaches and introduce innovative tools, such as use of mobile technologies and social media, to deliver higher project impact. CARE will engage health institutions and government partners to promote youth-friendly health services that specifically cater to the needs of marginalized urban women, including young women working in garment factories, and advocate for increased national commitment and resource allocation.

The project goal is to improve access of the garment factory workers to quality Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services and increase control over their health in three districts in Vientiane. 

The project Objectives are:

  • To improve knowledge and awareness on health, including SRH and nutrition, of the garment factory workers and to enable them to make informed choices and protect themselves from STIs and unwanted pregnancies;
  • To increase access of garment factory workers to quality and youth-friendly SRH services by supporting provision of free basic health services, building capacity of health workers inside and outside of factories and advocating with local governmental partners.


The specific objectives are:

To translate the health mother application into Lao Language on android tablet.

Healthy Mother is an app that run on the Android Tablet:

  • The app is used by nurse to check-up the pregnant patient at factory.
  • The app provide: ○ Recording patient’s event – none, miscarriage, abortion, wasn’t pregnant, death, left the company, live birth, and stillbirth. ○ Recording patient’s weight, middle upper arm circumference (MUAC), blood pressure, feelings/symptoms.
  • Weight chart of all done check-ups and blood pressure’s classification.
  • The tips of weight, of input MUAC, of blood pressure classification, of input feelings/symptoms and also of the month.
  • Monthly tip videos, and be able to search video in Video Library. ○ Summary of all patient’s check-ups – number of week pregnant, check-up date, weight, MUAC, blood pressure, feelings/symptoms.

The project already have the open-sources (code). There is no need to develop from scratch, just only need to translate into Lao language. For more information, please read the details in the attached file about the apps. Sources code can be shared after finalization of the selection.

Consultant Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of the sexually and reproductive health in Lao PDR and experience working with Ministry of Health
  • High experience on Android Application Development
  • High proficiently of translation
  • Have a basic knowledge on government strategy plan or MOH policies

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Ensured that the all products are being in line with government development strategic planning and MOH policies
  2. Working closely with CARE Health Advisor and GSK project manager on all aspects of work during consultancy
  3. Client friendly-engaging


This assignment will be start from April to June 2019

Expression of interest: 

Interest applicant should submit CV, previous experience, letter of interest, proposal of the budget and your application should indicate “Translation of the Healthy Mother Apps” and should submit to: Lao.contracts@careint.org before 29 Mar 2019. For further information please send your inquiries to the same contact account mentioned above.

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